As taken from an action movie: What happened to Malaysia Airways MH370?
Become much wiser about one of history’s greatest aviation mysteries in an exclusive lecture with the renowned researcher Martin Kristensen.

Martin Kristensen

On the night between 7 and 8 March 2014, the MH370 aircraft disappeared from Malaysia Airways with 239 passengers on board. Despite an extensive international search operation, the MH370 has never been found. In 2017, they gave up and stopped the search.

Which route flew MH370? Why did MH370 disappear? And not least where is MH370 today?

Questions like these and many more, the Danish researcher Martin Kristensen believes he has the answers to. People with a penchant for solving mysteries and research work can soothe their curiosity when Martin Kristensen reviews his sensational theories about MH370 and its fate on 27 January at an exclusive lecture in the Festival Hall in Hillerød. A review that brings us all the way to today, here five years later.

MH370 disappeared without a trace from the radar system during its trip from the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur, to Beijing in China. A scenario that seems unthinkable in a time of extensive electronic surveillance and satellites that photograph the earth’s surface. Everything suggests that it was not an accident but a planned action. The plane followed a pattern designed to cheat all types of surveillance, and actually shows similarities to the movie Die Hard 4, the researcher believes.

Martin Kristensen works daily at Aarhus University as a professor at the Department of Engineering. He has spent more than three years researching the mystery of MH370 and his theories were published in a study at Cornell University last December. Using complicated mathematical formulas, Martin Kristensen can prove that the calculated route of the crashed plane is incorrect. Compared with data from wreckage, weather conditions, eyewitness reports and a mysterious condensation streak seen from a weather satellite, Martin Kristensen has calculated where the missing MH370 aircraft can be found. In the evening, Martin Kristensen will also present completely new data that has not previously been published.

Kristensen’s interest in MH370 started with one of the great personal emotional flights. When the news of the missing plane first made headlines around the world, Martin Kristensen feared that his girlfriend’s family was on board. Fortunately, this did not turn out to be the case. But he could not let go of the mystery of the MH370. The researcher in him was turned on and has resulted in many years and thousands of hours of intense research to solve the mystery.