On May 2nd 2. 2019, Time 2 B Entertained held a event with Jeff Skiles

Time 2 B Entertained has the pleasure of inviting you to a lecture with First Officer Jeff Skiles who, in cooporation with Captain Sullenberger, landed  US Airways Flight 1549 on Hudson River, January 15th 2009.

Om May 2nd 2019 in the afternoon, you will have the opportunity to participate in a lecture where Jeff Skiles talks leadership, teamwork, crisis management and decision taking.

A lecture about Leadership – Teamwork – Crisis Management – Decision Making

The lecture focuses on the incident itself and on how the many hours of training truly show their worth when they are really needed.

The lecture also emphasises the value of teamwork, optimal decision-making processes in a high-pressure situation, communication and future flight safety as well as an examination of the incident and lessons learned