An Evening with Mozart

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Time2BEntertained presents in coorporation with Chamber Orchestra Musica

Music, anekdotes og reading

This afternoon you can meet Mozart in his own high person where he reads out selected letters he has written, hear fragments of the most beloved classic compositions, hear his life story and what inspired him, all tied together by a painting that is created during the evening, where the painter is inspired by the music and the atmosphere.

It will be a festive afternoon in the company of the narrator and Mozart expert Peter Dürrfeld, the Chamber Orchestra Musica under the direction of conductor Filipe Carvalheiro, the actor Louis Bodnia Andersen and the painter Herluf Skjerning Larsen.

A festive musical evening with Mozart

Due to the Corona Pandemic, this event has been moved to the fall of 2021. Further information will follow.

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