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Motorsports Legends Barrichello and Magnussen

Vejle Musikteater
September 29th 2022 19:30

Motorsports Legendes Barrichello and Magnussen

Barrichello og Magnussen

Vejle Musikteater will open it’s doors on September 29th for terrific lecture with two stars from the world of motorsports. In an exclusive lecture Rubens Barrichello and Jan Magnussen gives an insight into the life and career as a race car driver in the motorsport elite series Formula 1.  

Rubens Barrichello is one of the most popular drivers ever in Formula 1. He was never afraid of showing his emotions and drove with his feelings on the outside. Rubens Barrichello was a protege of one the greatest Formula 1 Legends, Ayrton Senna, who was also his his mentor. The glowing passion for the sport shined trough each time Rubens Barrichello was on the podium, which happened no less than 68 times during a Formula 1 career that lasted more than 300 races and spanned almost two decades. Furthermore Rubens Barrichello has 11 wins and 14 pole positions on his resume. In 2000 Barrichello went to Ferrari and drove with Michael Schumacher in the unbeatable iconic red racer. Barrichello is loved by millions of fans around the world and even after his time with Ferrari the Italian tifosi loved him. Rubens Barrichello gave everything to Formula 1, hence he will be know to historiy as one of the greatest drivers.  

In 1997 and 1998 Rubens Barrichello and Jan Magnussen was teammates at Stewart Grand Prix. It was a huge task for both drivers and from this period the two former teammates can report about a though time in Formula 1.  

Even if Rubens Barrichello is now retired as a race car driver, the passion and love for the sport is still alive and this evenings guests can expect a terrific evening when Rubens Barrichello and Jan Magnussen takes on Vejle Musikteater, and gives this exclusive lecture about their time in international motorsports.  

In addition to the two former colleagues the moderator on stage is TV3’s Fomula 1 commentator Jens Hansen, that most Danish motorsports fans will know from his coverage of the sport, where he pours his extensive knowledge about Formula 1 races around the world.

About the motorsport stars 

Rubens Barrichello 
The Brazilian motorspots legend Rubens Barrichello has driven Formula 1 from 1993 to 2011, and has during time made his mark in everyone hearts. He won his first victory in 2000 and have since taken 11 further victories.  

Jan Magnussen 
Jan made his Formula 1 debut with a single season in 1995  with the British team McLaren. In the 1997 season and half of the 1998 season Jan Magnussen drove with Rubens Barrichello for Stewart Grand Prix, a team created by former Formula 1 world champion Jackie Stewart.  

Motorsports Legends Barrichello and Magnussen

Vejle Musikteater
September 29th 2022 19:30