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Mika Häkkinen og David Coulthard

A lecture with Formula 1 Legends Mika Häkkinen and David Coulthard

Royal Stage Hillerød
September 7th 2022 19:30

Formula-1 Legends Mika Häkkinen og David Coulthard

Formel 1-legenderne Mika

It’s a scoop, when Royal Stage on September 7th opens the doors to a terrific lecture with no less than 2 stars from the world of motorsports. In this exclusive lecture Formula 1 legends Mika Häkkinen and David Coulthard together gives a honest and open insight into life and career as fast going superstars in the frontseat of international motorsports.

They have been coworkers, team drivers and competitors. They have fought, rivaled and for years competed about who finished first in a wealth of the most prestigious motor races. Today both Mika Häkkinen og David Coulthard have put the fast moving part of motorsports behind them and now they talk in a joined lecture about life in the fast lane, career in top gear and about being high profile, feted names within the world of motorsports. A sport that is not for the faint of heart and where the competition for the top is extremely tough. It demands a certain robustness and discipline like Häkkinens to win multiple world championships in Formula 1. Coveted titles and fame that can compromise friendships. And that to a degree that last prompted David Coulthard to put into words the love-hate relation that for years characterised the relation to his colleague Mika Häkkinen while they were team mates at McLaren.   

Even if both drivers are retired from that part of motorsports  there’s no doubt that the the 1.800 guests and motorsports fans can expect a terrific evening, when Häkkinen and Coulthard together takes to the stage in Royal Stage and gives this lecture on the ups and downs of international motorsports. 

In addition to the two former collegues the moderator on the stage is TV3’s Formula 1-kommentator Jens Hansen, that most Danish motororsports fans know for his coverage of the sport, where he pours his substantial knowledge about the sport from Formula 1-races around the world.

It’s the lecture and event agency Time2BEntertained that har arranged the event that will be followed by several motorsports events in the coming years.

About the motorsport stars

Mika Häkkinen
The highs of his career are two championships with the legendary Formula 1 McLaren team in 1998 & 1999.
The lows is the accident during practise before the Australian Grand Prix in 1995 in Adelaide, that sent Häkkinen into a coma for a long time. Fortunately he was back on track for the start of the 1996 season. An incredible comeback.

David Coulthard
Scottish Coulthard has driven no less than 239 Formula 1 Grand Prix’ and have taken 13 victories, the first in the Portuguese Grand Prix in 1995. Furthermore he has taken 49 secondary podium places and 12 times he has started from the pole position.

A lecture with Formula-1 Legends Mika Häkkinen and David Coulthard

Royal Stage Hillerød
September 7th 2022 19:30