About ClasSix

ClasSix are ​​a talented vocal group from Denmark with a wide range of pop and jazz skills, who enjoy singing classic songs ‘a cappela’. Using just their voices, they create magical swing music with soul both in English and Danish.

The sextet can be commissioned for any event that requires an entertaining and musical touch – birthday parties, weddings, receptions, corporate parties and more. ClasSix singers move around whilst singing to change the way their voices project, providing a dynamic and heart-warming experience for their audience.

ClasSix - Akapellakor

ClasSix‘ members have vastly different backgrounds but are all seasoned singers with years of experience from many choirs, including Copenhagen Choir.

The voices are composed to cover the full spectrum from high soprano to deep bass.

ClasSix sing popular classics in arrangements of six parts. The majority of ClasSix’s repertoire is arranged for six voices by Henrik Bøggild.

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Sisi - Sopran



Sisi carries beautiful melodies with conviction using her bright and brilliant voice.

Cæcilia - Mezzosopran


Caecilia is a pop singer who has a wonderful feeling for ​​how the music should sound.

Torsten - Baryton


Torsten is our master of South American rhythms and flirty solos.


Flemming is the group’s crooner, providing backing vocals like a mix of Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby.

Flemming - Tenor


Peter provides a stable foundation for the group with rich bass.

Bas - Peter


Hanne sings in the middle of the group’s vocal range and provides a beautiful velvety sound.

Hanne - Alt