This is Time2BEntertained…

Agent-Event Booking Bureau – Unique events that you’ll want to be part of.

Time2BEntertained is a family owned Agent-Event and Booking Bureau with a strong social profile which was established in Denmark and has expanded to now include thE UK. Time2BEntertained invites bands, musicians, actors, scientists, artists, politicians or other famous people from around the world to entertain audiences, often presenting events with a bit of a twist!

Changes introduced by Coronavirus

Time2BEntertained is Social-Distancing aware. The ongoing worldwide Coronavirus pandemic has cancelled a few of our physical events, although most have been postponed until it is safe for them to go ahead again.  Until that happens, as a dynamic company, Time2BEntertained has been working hard to introduce new and exciting on-line events for our audiences. Whilst everyone has felt the effects of Coronavirus, now it is even more important to keep positive and make Time2BEntertained.

“An Evening with…” – A tribute to our Guests; some events now moving on-line

Join Time2BEntertained on-line for ‘An Evening with…’ where you welcome guests streamed live into your living room for the evening, as if they were your good friends.  Grab your favourite snacks and a drink and settle down for an interactive experience which is above and beyond; something live, unique and enjoyable.

Time2BEntertained proudly represents many talented speakers and presenters from the UK and international stage, brought to you, just like they are with you at home.  Enjoy conversations and music with guests from the worlds of Formula One, famous actors and actresses, popular celebrities, professionals from industry, plus bands and solo artists.

Theatre and Television

Time2BEntertained’s imaginative employees are developing exciting new ideas for Theatre and TV. More news to follow soon.

Client-specific events

Time2BEntertained have developed day programmes with entertainment, talks and musical features, according to the wishes of individual clients. Physical or on-line events can individually tailored to suit requirements.

Need a motivational speaker to galvanise your team? You need Time2BEntertained.

Business Lectures

For company events there are inspirational speakers from across a wide range of businesses.

Every year several business presentations are arranged, using the slogan, “Time to Talk Some Business with…” In these lectures, some of the most talented speakers and entrepreneurs are invited from around the world. Common to all of them is that they can each motivate and inspire audiences by sharing their knowledge and experiences. These evenings also provide a good networking opportunity.

Where are we?

Our office is located in Holte, approx. 20 km north of Copenhagen, only 35 minutes drive from Kastrup Airport, which is Scandinavia’s largest airport with direct routes to all of Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Iceland, Greenland, USA, Canada, and of course Danish domestic airports.

This enables easy and effortless access to Copenhagen as an event venue, but at the same time also a unique opportunity to be able to invite international guests to events in other parts of the country.

Our location means that we can reach an audience throughout Denmark, southern Sweden and northern Germany, which in total covers an area of ​​more than 10 million people.

Strong social profile

It means a lot to the company to be able to give back to society so Time2BEntertained gives people with different disabilities the opportunity to be a part of the company, even if they are only able to work part-time.

Employees all contribute uniquely and as individuals, both socially and culturally, to make the company a dynamic and accepting workplace.

Donations to Charity

Every year Time2BEntertained donates 1.5% of profit after tax to charity. The company also auctions unique artworks to raise funds for charity. See the Charity page for more information of the charities we support.


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